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The Mills Collection and other Archaelogical Publications

Ardent avocational archaelogists Jack and Vera Mills conducted extensive excavations in Southeastern Arizona and Western New Mexico.  Their world-class collection is on display as a self-guided tour in the College's Student Services Building at the Thatcher Campus.

Some research on this collection and other past publications from the former Eastern Arizona College Museum of Anthropology has been saved in .pdf format for those who would like access to that research.  The links below will open those files.


Mills Collection Booklet and Self-Guided Tour


Mills Research:

An Analysis of Whole Vessels from the Mills Collection Curated at Eastern Arizona College, Thatcher, Arizona, Neuzil & Lyons

Memoirs of Jack P. Mills


Other Research:

The Daley Site:  An Archaelogical Salvage Report, 1981

Bells:  Cascabeles & Tintinnabulum, John Horne

The Owens-Colvin Site of the Safford Valley, Pam Rule

Hour-Glass Rock Art Figures of Southeastern Arizona, Wesley Jernigan



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